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Founders Steve and Jean Robinson enjoy great food and a great pizza. They also like to cook, and they noticed it was hard to get delivery food made with the same attention, love, and fresh premium ingredients they used at home. Friends had the same desire – how can someone get honest food made with exceptional ingredients, delivered? And hot? When the question turned to delivery pizza, “Which is the best?” was often answered with a hesitant “um” followed by a long pause. The Robinsons began to realize there was a community, of sorts, all yearning for superb delivery food. Thus, the idea for Dough Society was born.

The freshest idea.

Dough Society is committed to the art of chef-inspired pizzas, lasagna, salads, wings, and other deliciousness, with our values centered on quality and passion. As our name suggests, a highlight is our crust. It’s handcrafted daily using stone-ground Texas Red Wheat – fired to a crispy bottom and pillowy perfect top. But that’s just the beginning. We scratch-make or select the finest veggies, sauces, meats and cheeses. Our ingredients are so fresh we don’t even own a freezer! Here’s how you’ll embrace the love:

  • VIP veggies. We handpick the best tomatoes and other veggies. In fact, all our harvest items are pretty special. We season and roast our mushrooms, eggplant, pineapple, and jalapeños – we even hand-cut our corn from the cob.
  • Healthy meats. We buy our meats from Zoe’s and they’re all artisan-cured, organic, nitrate-free, non-GMO, and antibiotic-free. Better yet, they’re 100 percent delectable.
  • Housemade sauces. We lovingly housemake the marinara sauce for our Heavenly Lasagna, meatballs, and dipping. And our alfredo, rosé, spinach and artichoke, blue cheese, and ranch too – a dozen Sassy Society Sauces in all. Is your mouth watering yet?
  • Food alive with flavor and depth. We craft our secret cheese blend to create a melty, incredibly satisfying taste experience. We garnish our pizzas and other specialties with high-end ingredients like fresh avocados, cilantro, herbs, basil, and those Sassy Society Sauces. And our house meatballs are hand-formed using the finest herbs. Absolutely scrumptious!
  • Robust servings. Fresh chopped salads are big and made to order with a bounty of the finest ingredients. Savory wings are meaty and plump, deliciously brined overnight, then roasted to a golden brown – get them tossed or for dipping. Our pizzas brim with toppings and our Darn Good Cheesy Bread is thick with the melted good stuff. Don’t feel guilty if you have leftovers.
  • Yes to GF. Our yummy gluten-free crust option is the foundation for a special pizza. GF aficionados tell us it’s the best they’ve ever had – gluten fans like it too.

Our social mission: Dough Unto Others.

Dough Society Pizza is proud to partner with No Kid Hungry. In fact, feeding hungry kids in our community is so important to us, we enthusiastically donate a portion of our food and drink sales to help feed this fight.
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